Progress monitoring is the process by which a determination is made whether or not a student is closing the learning gap and if the intervention is appropriate. Progress monitoring should occur at both the instructional and grade level. Instructional level monitoring is more frequent than grade level as it should be more sensitive to change, thus allowing teams to quickly know if an intervention is targeted at the right skill, and if the intervention method is best for the student. If, after several data points it is obvious the intervention is not appropriate, then a change should be made. Examples of change include, change of intervention type, time of day intervention is delivered, change of teacher delivering intervention. Path Driver allows for progress monitoring at multiple levels. Guidance for managing multiple progress monitoring schedules provided in the document linked here.

Data Chat Help

See sample data chat video on PLAN - WBT-5485.14249-RTI Model Data Chat

Sample Data Chat Agenda

Worksheet designed to help teams organize students into Tiers based on school capacity.

Sample Data Chat agenda for middle of year meeting.