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Instructional Time


Direct Observation

Are to be conducted regularly using the RTI Fidelity rubric available to administrators via the Intervention Database Interface.

Parent Communication

Parent Letter sent at the beginning of the year from District.
Parent letters for tier placement/movement provided at the state web site are customizable.
Parents are to be informed about RTI at the school level through Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences and other means deemed necessary by the school.

Purple Folder Management

Student RTI records are kept in a purple folder and stored in the educational record that travels with the student as they move from school to school. During the year, the folder is typically housed in the intervention teacher's classroom and is updated at the data chat team meetings.

Labels for purple folders should be placed and filled out for all folders whether the student is currently in intervention or not. The labels should help with transitions from year to year.

Avery Label.JPG
Avery lables_MS.png
Avery 3-1/3 x 4 (5164)
Avery 2x4 Shipping Labels (5263); 10 per sheet

Use these documents to maintain consistent RTI records across the district. The goal is for a receiving school to use the contents of the purple folder to pick up with intervention right where the student left off. Refer to samples included on the documents page to assure forms are filled out consistently across the district.

ELL (English Language Learners)

State Guidelines and resources for RTI and ELL

End of Year Prep

(Click End of Year Prep to access the Transition form)
RTI requires special attention at the end of the year. Smooth transitions for students can only occur with consistent communication between buildings. Click the link to complete the transition form for all 5th grade students going into middle school who were in intervention.