Intervention must be checked periodically to assure it is being delivered properly. Before a student can be moved from a tiered intervention, data must exist to support that the intervention was delivered with 80% fidelity. CMCSS developed a rubric to assist administrators with monitoring fidelity. When fidelity checks are conducted, the focus of the observer should be on the student and how the intervention impacts him/her. This is different from the T.E.A.M. rubric which is always teacher focused.

Medical analogy: The treatment the doctor prescribed has not had the expected effect. The first instinct is to change the treatment, but if the patient did not take the treatment as prescribed, that may have an effect on the results. There is no way to determine if a change is necessary if the treatment plan was not followed appropriately.

Fidelity Rubric

The rubric document is also available electronically to administrators and their designee. To access the live version, simply log in to the intervention database and click the link. (Note the link only appears for administrative users but may be shared with others who need access at Principal discretion.)