Old Interface Class Creation Directions
Online Directions

New Interface Class Creation Directions
Online Directions

Quick Reference for Class Creation (0ld)
1. Click on Classes Tab.
2. Select Program from Drop down options.
3. Click Create Class under the Classes section on the left.
4. Fill out the class information form using the naming conventions for your location.
  • For example, 6_Wilson_1st -- indicates a 6th grade class, with Wilson as primary teacher, and 1st period of day.
  • This is also the opportunity to add a 2nd teacher who may need access to a student's scores. For example, if the science teacher would need access to math scores, add that teacher to your math class(es).
5. Click Save and add students to this class.
6. Select the students for the class by clicking the box by their name (can sort by grade to save time)
7. Click Add to class at bottom of screen.
8. Classes can be copied from one program to another.

Quick Reference for Class Creation (New)
1. Click on the Class Management Tab.
2. Click Create a new Class.
3. Use filters to narrow the students to choose from to save time.
4. Check the box next to students being added to class.
5. Under Bulk Actions, select 'Add students to class'.
6. Choose whether this is a new class or and existing class from the tabs that appear.
7. Enter the class name if appropriate or edit the existing name. Add teachers if necessary by clicking the blue link 'Additional Teachers'.
8. You may continue to add students from this window.
9. Scroll to bottom of window and finalize class creation by clicking blue button 'Add Students to Class'.